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Speakability (UK)
National Aphasia Association (USA)
National Stroke Foundation, Australia

Dear Madam, Sir,

Saying one thing - meaning something else: for people with aphasia this is everyday reality. Aphasia is found all over the world and can hit anyone. Globally more than 5 million people suffer from this disease.

Enclosed you will find information leaflets on aphasia: a language disorder as a result of brain damage, which makes people suddenly unable to speak, understand, read, or write normally.

These leaflets are offered to you free of charge by the Association Internationale Aphasie. This association has, among other things, the objective to inform people worldwide on this drastic language handicap.

Thanks to the efforts of the national aphasia associations that are associated with this worldwide platform, and thanks to the support of various Rotary Clubs, we can offer you these leaflets.
The leaflets are intended to inform patients and their families. We would like to ask you to spread these leaflets within your organisation or to see to it that they end up at a thereto more appropriate place. These may be, for example, departments of neurology in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, speech clinics, or a patients' interest group in your country.

We hope to be of service to you with this information; we especially hope that we can help prevent that people who suffer from aphasia end up in social isolation. We would gladly receive your reactions and suggestions; you can contact the undersigned for that (preferably in English).

With fraternal greetings, sincerely,


Mrs Monique Lindhout.

made possible by Rotary